Conjecture Data Solutions is an Engineering software startup that connects the power of machine learning and data science to the Engineering industry. Our flagship product is the Conjecture System Identification software solution, which enables Engineers to use simple, best-fit models of their process control data to improve diagnostics and control in their plant. We aim to be the software provider of choice for data-driven solutions to issues faced by the Engineering industry.


Robert A. Anderson

Co-Founder, Engineer, and Software Developer

Robert is an Electrical Engineer from Perth, Western Australia, who worked in advanced manufacturing in regional WA before training in machine learning and data science. He currently consults for Calibre in Perth. Robert’s knack for programming has seen him develop software prototypes to streamline some of the most time-consuming engineering tasks in his organisations. Conjecture is the result of 7 years’ work by Robert to provide intuitive modelling of industrial systems.

Jeanette Anderson-Koh

Co-Founder, Data Analyst, and Business Manager

Jeanette, also from Perth, Western Australia, is a data analyst and ideas developer. Holding degrees in accounting and statistics, she has worked within the WA and NSW State Governments in data analytics for service improvement and public health planning. Her skills range from business administration, to mathematical and statistical programming. Along with helping to build the new online portal, Jeanette oversees all the business aspects of Conjecture.